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Learning & Practicing Part 2

September 24, 2020 - 1 min read

With under a year to go until I graduate, I’ve been going through and polishing my old web projects that I rushed through (lots of trash I created on the web, don’t judge). One thing I have noticed, is that I am extremely hard to find when my name is searched. Last thing I need is a potential employeer googling my name and seeing a guy who’s wanted for a serious offense.

Enter Meta Tags and SEO…

Currently, I’m in a web development course and today we miraculously learned about meta tags and search engine optimization (SEO).

Mind Blown 🤯

I’m leaving this Blog short and sweet, because I’m not 100% sure that what I did will make me pop-up first when my name is searched, but my fingers are crossed.

A picture I found on the internet