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Being Imperctly

January 10, 2021 - 3 min read

Perfect Imperfection

Forgot I had a blog to take care of, it’s ben a minute sense I last wrote. Maybe that’s what brought me to this perfect time to write.

2020 Tried To Keel

The year of Covid has passed with a toll that steadily rises. Some of us let it takes us out, but those of us that are off keel slipped through to 2021. (Yes I believe in Corona and belive it is a very serious disease. I’m not making fun of its seriousness or those that have passed from it) Thought I should throw that in there for an example of how to not take this blog literal. There is no need to get but hurt 😎

Rehabilation & Rehabilitation

There was once a time when I was unwillingly ready to be rehabilitated. It wasn’t the best time of my life, but it was perfectly timed. I did a lot of soul searching, poetry (from my flowing tree), and started to learn to hack myself. Those tough times created this person that sits behind (or in front of … depends on which way you view up) my keyboard.

Early this morning I was washing dishes, this doesn’t happen often… lol. Saw the flashes of light reflecting on the tide that brings in the life/water. Those flashes caused me to reflect on my past and how I’ve ben my biggest critic. I’ve held myself back, time and time again. Excuses I create and I’m sure you can relate. I related to all those thougths and thought about a poem I wrote: Perfectly Perfect… Or something like that. My therapist remembers, because I’d read them to her so I could feel heard.

That’s all we want, right? To be heard? To be listened to?

CrookedNose ChippedTooth UnevenHead

My thoughts have always ben scattered. At times I call myself, a Scattered Brain Atheist. It can be difficult to articulate words that can relate to those who don’t have this symptom. Feelings of, my brain/thoughts don’t matter, or my ideas are shit; constantly run through my head. From a 10th grade dropout (after taking it 3 times) to an almost 40 year old college student anout to graduate. I’ve realized my english writing is not perfect, but my Brain Matters. My thoughts and your thoughts matter.

Do Not Let Them Tell You It is Not Okay To Be Imperfect

Kinda funny how today is called, the present. Todays a gift and guess what? Chicken Butt … JK … Todays perfect. Yours and mines imperfections are what makes us Perfectly Relateable. That is why we follow each other. Comfort from others Comforts us.

* Perfect Imperfections *

Before I sail the 7 seas and depart, I will leave y’all with this…

You Keep America Great

What can you do to make YOU better? Do it.


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