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March 08, 2021 - 3 min read

Glad you made it.

Not sure how to start this one, so here’s my shot.


My point of view may be off, but I have the urge to tell it. Recently, I fell prey to a malicious Twitter Squad. I saw a tweet and was baffled by how many people thought the picture (above) was racist.

Racist? Surely not, it just does not make sense, nor add up. Let me explain why.

Have you seen a field of wildflowers? Or watched the Discovery Channel and saw a school of fish moving as one unit? Maybe you have seen a flock of birds flying south together. This is nature. It is natural.

Birds of a feather flock together, sound familiar?

If you did not know, buy social labels, I am just shy of being a 40-year-old, bald headed, white male. One thing I grew up enjoying is, basketball. Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Penny, Pippen and many others were always my favorite guys to watch playin’ ball.


I can vividly remember trying to do AI’s crossover day in and day out, and don’t get me started on the behind the back and between your legs move Kobe did in an All-Star Game. If you can’t tell by now, I grew up dreaming to become a professional basketball player.

Did you notice something? I failed to mention any white players. Know why? Because there are not that many “white”, All-Star caliber, NBA players. There are some, and because of that, I could relate. I could see someone who looked like me hoopin’ in the NBA. It subliminally whispered to me, “that I have a chance.” Sounds silly, but it is true.

Watching “White Chocolate” Jason Williams throw a razor sharp behind the back pass or Steve Nash make an off balance three pointer always gave me hope. Lord knows, every white boy’s dream is dunking on a 10ft goal (unless you are 7 foot tall, lol). How many white dunk champs are there?

Now reverse this and Connect The Dots (think)

Imagine being a minority and rarely seeing anyone who looks like you in a position of power. Perfect example of this is, Super Heroes. How many main stream superheroes are something other than “white” ?


Having something in common with someone helps relationships and strengthens communities. It is not racists to support those you have something in common with, it is natural. It is not racists to feel weird or out of place when you are surrounded by people that do not look like you.

It is Nature. It is Natural. Perctly Perfect.

Keep the love flowing and beware of Marketing Traps

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