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March 18, 2020 - 5 min read

Love Thy Neighbor

I thought I’d share my opinion on the current global pandemic and what we as a society can and should do. So, without further ado…

Welcome to the mind of Ben.

Coronavirus is here. I’m sure you know that by now. It doesn’t matter if you believe it was manufactured in a lab or from someone eating a bat. The world governments are reacting and we are feeling its effect.

So what does it all mean and how should we react? Between the news and social media, it appears the world has gone mad. We have so called experts stating, “it is not worse than the flu or common cold,” while others state, “it is up to ten times more deadly than the flu”. While all of this is going on in the media, world governments are closing their borders and quarantining their citizens. Truly scary times. Or is it?

I knew it was serious when billion dollar corporations started shutting down their cash flow. And, of course, the Toilet Paper Apocalypse. The shortage of toilet paper has set a new meaning to, “This 💩 just got real”.

Lets Get Real

The coronavirus pandemic is our current reality, and, before I go any further, I’d like to declare that I’m not a doctor, scientist, virologist, or any kind of specialist pertaining to the field of viruses; however, I am a part of the human race (I think 👽).

In my search for the truth, I’ve come across several articles and videos which I believe are unbiased. I’ve included a link to one of these videos here.

The gentleman in the video has a series of 37 (maybe more by now) different updates and breaking discoveries on coronavirus. His videos come from a scientific perspective with lessons on how things work. It is my opinion that we need more information like his and less biased news.


For the Sake of Humanity

I’m not big on religion, as I believe it is created by man. Nonetheless, that does not mean religion lacks knowledge and wisdom in their literature. One of my favorite verses comes from the Bible. To be specific, Mark Chapter 12 Verse 31.

Love thy neighbor as yourself

Here’s some context from previous verses.

Bible, New International Version (NIV)
Mark 12:28-31

28. One of the teachers of the law came and heard 
    them debating. Noticing that Jesus had given 
    them a good answer, he asked him, “Of all the 
    commandments, which is the most important?”
29. “The most important one,” answered Jesus,is this: ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, 
    the Lord is one. 
30. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and 
    with all your soul and with all your mind and 
    with all your strength.31. The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as 
    yourself.’There is no commandment greater than 

You made it. Church is over 😇…

Now that you’ve received your annual sermon, I’ll explain why this is important in our current pandemic.

You ask, “How can I love thy neighbor as myself in today’s pandemic?” Glad you asked. Google listed a simple solution on their home page. They’re calling it, “DO THE FIVE.” Within 5 steps, they’ve found the meaning of “love thy neighbor”.


  1. HANDS Wash them often
  2. ELBOW Cough into it
  3. FACE Don’t touch it
  4. FEET Stay more than 3ft apart
  5. FEEL sick? Stay home

It’s simple. Anyone can do it, but we shouldn’t stop there. This should be the bare minimum. Below are important topics we should all be considering.

  • Portion control EVERYTHING. It stinks and goes against everything our society allows us to do. Worse case scenario, you’ll be glad you didn’t eat all of your snacks during the first couple of days of lockdown.
  • The Elderly. We all come from someone who came from someone. Let’s not share this virus with them. Stay at home if you can. Follow the FIVE STEPS.
  • Our country’s infrastructure. The Boomers of our country know how to fix and maintain our infrastructure. We need them healthy to continue passing down their knowledge.
  • Flushing. All the wipes and TP you felt the need to hoard can and will cause issues that no one wants to deal with. Unless you’re a plumber or have plumbing tools, you’re going to have a hard time fixing those clogged pipes. Throw your used wipes and tampons away. There’s no need in making our situation worse.
  • DYOR. Do your own research. This means verifying the memes from your favorite social app before you share, unless it’s funny. Maybe adding a good sense of humor will get us through the tough times… keep those funny memes coming 😁.
  • Remain Calm. Now is a great time to practice self-control and self-reliance. This is a major contributor to our current epidemic. As a society, we’ve been programmed to rely on others for our basic needs. How about taking advantage of this time and learn something new?


There is plenty more to discuss regarding our current dilemma, but I think I’ll leave this as is. I wanted to blog and code, so I figured why not do both. I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and opinions. It really means a lot to me. I pray that everyone will become conscious of the part we each play in our well being.

Namaste 🙏

The end

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